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Trend Micro Apex One Endpoint Security Solution

Trend Micro Apex One Endpoint Security Solution

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Apex One leverages a blend of cross-generational threat techniques to provide the broadest protection against all types of threats, giving you

  • Pre-execution and runtime machine learning
  • Noise-cancelling techniques – like census and whitelisting – throughout every layer of detection to dramatically reduce false positives
  • More accurate detection of advanced malware, such as fileless, cryptomining, and ransomware
  • Effective protection against scripts, injection, ransomware, memory, and browser attacks through innovative behavior analysis 

More than just a scan, Apex One Vulnerability Protection uses a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to virtually patch known and unknown vulnerabilities before a patch is available or deployable:

  • Eliminating risk exposure by shielding vulnerabilities through innovative virtual patching capabilities and world-class research
  • Detecting more vulnerabilities than any other vendor by leveraging our industry-leading vulnerability research 
  • Reducing recovery and emergency patching downtime
  • Cover the broadest range of devices, applications, and file types
  • Block malicious software from running using customizable lockdown, whitelisting, and blacklisting policies

How it works

And There are lot of features which enhance the security for endpoint protection For more detail and concern please feel free to contact us.

For more details please feel free to contact us.